Elita Saines

Elita Saines

Saines Legal

Elita holds the BNG Category: Employment Law

Saines Legal is a full service employment law firm. We are based in Brisbane CBD and are here to support the employment law needs of both employees and employers. We are committed to providing employment relationship management, employment law litigation, workplace health and safety guidance/compliance, and transactional services to employers and employees, tailored by industry, and personalised to each of our client’s needs.


Our experience, coupled with innovative thinking and a focus on problem solving, places Saines Legal at the forefront of employment law in Australia. We remain on the cutting-edge of legal developments, taking the time to study, track, and anticipate changes in employment regulations and precedents that could potentially impact our clients. In every matter that we handle, we partner with our clients to minimise risks and advance our clients’ short-term and long-term objectives.


At Saines Legal we pride ourselves on collaboration. We are a diverse group of professionals who operate collectively towards a single goal. Our Lawyers use this team approach when working with clients to find the right solutions for difficult issues. We ensure that everyone in our team plays an important role as a “hands-on” contributor to the end goal. We value independent thought and encourage creativity because we believe this approach works to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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