Gerard Liddy

Gerard Liddy

Dynamic Business Partners

Gerard holds the BNG Category: Business Coach

Dynamic Business Partners has been assisting business owners and their teams build better, more efficient businesses for 12 years.  Director Gerard Liddy, after being coached himself, found an affinity with the structure and form of a Dedicated Business Development Format and realised that most business he had dealt with, as a customer or a client in the past were missing or ignoring the most basic of business systems to make their everyday operations more efficient and profitable. It was then he realised his new path was in helping business owners build their “Ideal Business”

As a coach and mentor to 100’s business and individuals in the last 12 years his motto is, “Build your business in the correct order, and you’ll get the best results in the shortest time”. Using all the resources of the best coaching minds, mentors and researchers, Gerard has watched as single operator business owners hire and trained their first team members, and Boards of Directors have empowered General Managers, all following the same simple principals.

Now using a fully strategic approach these results have been amplified. It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know that makes all the difference in today's competitive markets. Assembling a team of experts in every different field to assist their clients Dynamic Business Partners works across every department to get you, your team and your results aligned. “Owning and running several business of our own has proven to us that we must walk our talk, who would hire a fat personal trainer or a financial planner that looked like he lived in a box?

Coaching, Consulting and Strategising is a fluid business and we like the fact that today we are working on this, and tomorrow it could be something completely different, as long as it’s moving you to where you want to be, at a pace to get you there to enjoy it, you should be pretty happy.

Give me a destination and a time line and you’ll be amazed what we can achieve. Because remember, you’ll never out earn your learning.” How much would having the best year you’ve ever had be worth to you?

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