Margeaux Kruger

Margeaux Kruger

Integral Acupuncture

Margeaux holds the BNG Category: Naturopath & Nutritionist

Margeaux Kruger is Naturopath in Brisbane and Clinical Nutritionist who offers realistic results with a wide range of health concerns including: female health, hormones, digestive dysfunction, impaired immune systems, stress, weight loss, inflammatory conditions and much more. Margeaux's specialty is approaching your health from a nutrigenomic level, using food as medicine to promote optimal cellular function throughout the entire body.

Naturopathy aims to treat the patient as an individual, recognising that each of us has our own unique picture of health. In this respect Naturopathy looks at the big picture and how each part of this contributes to your current health. In treating a patient, Naturopathy aims to restore balance to the entire individual as opposed to isolating and focusing on symptoms alone. This modality seeks to treat the cause of your health complaints and correct the underlying problems, resulting in optimised, long -lasting improvements and providing each patient with the education to take better care of themselves into the future.

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