Rodney McEwan

RE/MAX United Vision

Rodney holds the BNG Category: Residential Real-Estate

Comprising of both Sales and Property Management, the Remax name is synonymous with exceeding your expectations and with paving the way for wise investment, thus increasing your exposure within the housing market and being a successful property entrepreneur. There is a passionate enthusiasm for providing an efficient and ethical service and our team are always happy to discuss all your needs whether you are ready to purchase now or in the future. With a very strong presence in the South East suburbs of Brisbane there is no doubt that we can make all your real estate dreams come true.

Real estate agents are not all created equal. Rodney carries a unique DNA and has invaluable knowledge from his many years in the construction industry, both as a master tradesman running his own business, and later in supervising major projects around Brisbane and Queensland, working on the Gas Fields and also on the Legacy Way tunnel.  During this time he learned to deal with difficult people in difficult and also dangerous conditions as he has been tried and tested and risen to every challenge.

Rodney is the most ethical male agent you will probably ever meet and has a strong sense of doing right and walking justly, according to his faith.

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