Janice Minihan

Janice Minihan


Janice holds the BNG Category: Property Management

Janice has extensive experience in property management across 2 countries. After moving back to Brisbane in 2022, and being an investor herself, through her own experience, quality property management was hard to come by, hence starting her own business because she didn't trust the local agents would do the best for their portfolio. Fast forward 7 years, and her and her husband's property management business in the UK is now at capacity and they have begun managing properties across Brisbane in earnest. With properties under management from Kuraby to Kallangur, they aim to provide the best service an investor can expect.

Janice and her team live, eat, and breathe all things property. We love how being open-minded to others’ needs and having various tools in our toolbox allows us to tailor the experience exactly to what a client needs and wants.

Janice and her team stand for one particularly important thing – creating the win-win. Their aim is to create long lasting, successful relationships and rent your property effortlessly and easily to reach the desired outcome. Effective communication at all stages is paramount to being successful.

Why work with the Janice Minihan team?

  • We are qualified Property Managers in Queensland
  • We have clients in many countries where we act as the trusted property managers for their UK and Australian property
  • We love the positive change we create for the areas in which we work and our clients
  • We have unrelenting determination and work ethic
  • Property is our legacy, and we want to help you move closer to your dream – whatever that may be

Our core values are honesty, transparency and being great communicators.

So, if you’re looking for a hard-working team where your needs come first, we’d love to speak to you.

We would LOVE the opportunity to work with you and help you on the next step of your journey!

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