Michelle Larder

Michelle Larder

A Tidy Sum Wealth Coaching

Michelle holds the BNG Category: Personal Finance Coach

Wealth coaching is the missing link in the ladder to financial freedom 

But the majority of people fall somewhere in the middle, those that want to work themselves out of debt and into their first home or home owners that think there should be more to life than barely scraping by. These people are largely left to themselves - expected to sink or swim and basically hoping that the next step in their ladder will be up to a planner and not back to the bottom.

This is the magic of wealth coaching. It is not debt management where you give a company control of your funds for a weekly fee. Sure, everything is paid on time, but they have likely negotiated debt for you, affecting your credit rating and you have no better understanding of money and what hasn’t been working for you, so you will likely be paying the significant weekly management fee forever.

A Tidy Sum Wealth Coaching is tailored individual coaching sessions, helping people identify short and long term goals, assess their relationship with money and recognise financial hurdles they are facing. Together we work with you to prioritise your spending and debt reduction and create actions and a timeframe to make your goals achievable.

Hi, I’m Michelle and I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals. My coaching philosophy is about empowering people to have the skills to make informed and strategic spending decisions, leveraging my experience from a career in business management, including in the retail banking sector.

I have a masters degree in business administration and a graduate certificate in human services and am particularly interested in working with women and arming them with skills to have financial independence as well as helping people break the cycle of disadvantage.

Growing up in an economically disadvantaged household gave me determination to achieve more. I was focussed on doing whatever I needed to do to achieve financial security and my hard work and determination paid off when I purchased my first home at 21.  Thinking this would give me the financial freedom that we didn’t have growing up, but soon realised is that whilst saving for your first home is hard, owning and paying off a house is much harder!

When friends started to proactively seek my advice, not only for themselves, but also their friends and family to provide financial guidance was when I truly realised the profound effect I was having on their financial well-being. This is what inspired me to combine my passion and expertise to help others reach their full potential and make A Tidy Sum!

Clarity Sessions

We want to find out where you are now, and where you want to be. What does financial success look like to you? We will then work out a clear path and action plan to see how long it will take you to get there and what you need to do to get there sooner.  It’s not about telling you what to spend your money on. It is about finding out what your priorities are and making your money work for you.

Group Financial Literacy Sessions

So many people we work with say they wish they had been taught this when they were younger, before their finances got messed up. So we do group sessions, aimed at school groups and community groups. General financial literacy arming people with the skills they need to control their finances from the onset. 

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