Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions

Are there any meeting fees?

Yes.  Brisbane Networking Meetings offer a hot breakfast during the meeting in a professional meeting room. Tea and coffee is offered prior to meeting start from 6:45am. Meeting cost is $30 per person payable at meeting registration

Can I apply for membership?

Yes! We're open to new membership applications.  The first steps are to attend 1 or 2 meetings, see how you find the group.  It's easy to register to attend.  Go to our "What's On" page and review the list of events.

Do I get to speak at the meeting as a visitor?

Yes! Please come prepared to let our members know about your business. We give all visitors to Brisbane Networking Group the opportunity to complete a 60 second pitch about you and your business. We also allow you to pass your business cards around the room as part of our meeting procedure.  

How often are meetings held at Brisbane Networking Group?

Meetings are held weekly, every Wednesday at 7am. You can find a list of upcoming meetings on our "What's On" page. Meetings run with precision and you'll be finished by 8:30am and ready to start your business day.

Is there parking at the meeting location?

Our meetings are held at the James Stone Bar inside the Stones Corner Hotel, 346 Logan Road, Stones Corner, Queensland 4120. There are only a few on-site parking spaces at the rear of the hotel. However, there are several locations close by within short walking distance including street parking on Logan Road and Cleveland Street. The Brisbane City Council busway carpark in Gladys Street also has free car parking, with 2 and 4 hour parking slots.

What categories are available at BNG?

A list of positions within the Brisbane Networking Group is displayed on this page.  If your profession is not here, please contact us — we can review the position you're seeking.

What is the dress code?

We recommend that you dress how you would when visiting your clients.  For example, if you're a tradie, you wear your tradie gear to the meeting.  This also allows you to start your work day straight after the meeting. 

Speaker at the next meeting

Matthew Brady
17 August 2022
Matthew Brady
Australian Insurance & Financial Group

Meeting Venue

Brisbane Networking Group
Stones Corner Hotel
James Stone Bar
346 Logan Rd
Stones Corner QLD 4120

BNG vacant memberships

Business Banking
Business broker
Building & Pest Inspector
Cabinet maker
Commercial real estate agent
Fire inspection specialist
Graphic Designer
Marriage celebrant
Silicone Sealing
Travel agent
Tyre specialist
Video Production
...and many more

Your profession not here?

We're always open to new positons, ask us online now.

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Is BNG for you?

If you are looking to grow your business through quality referrals, take the first step and come along to a BNG network meeting and see if it's right for you.

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